This is boston

"Boston has an affinity for sports teams and sports culture, and what we really wanted to do was bring this to life in a campaign that’s fun and ... just celebrates sports in general. We’re showcasing our local athletes across baseball, hockey and running to really demonstrate the spirit of competition that the marathon embodies. We really wanted to embody the idea of the race being a cultural event. You’ll see something much more unique and disruptive and really eye-catching" - Chris Davis Vice President Global Marketing/Sports Marketing

Was lucky enough to keep up my role as Lead Designer/Art Director for our work surrounding the Boston Marathon. While we are not an official sponsor of the race, as a Boston brand, we feel that it is still special to us and our city.  The best part of this project is that its a complete collaborative effort between many different teams; footwear, marketing, social, production, events and apparel. Taking some direction from the shoe in terms of colors and pattern, my goal was to define the boldness and strength of Boston in terms of a feeling. The marathon isn't just about the race, its about the celebration of a city. We were able to highlight our Boston athletes as well as partnerships with the Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics. 

The campaign covers a range of mediums including out of home, web, print, expo booths, retail and last but not least a Harpoon collab beer. 

Prudential Center

Park Street Station


New Balance Boylston - Buildout by Upshot

New Balance HQ - Install by Boston Building Wraps