Paris: Day 9

Happy Victory in Europe Day
What better way to celebrate our final day in Paris than visiting the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. A site I am glad to say that we saw, granted there are a ton of them but this one was something special. Not only the view but to tour the inside of a still working church that has been around as long as it has is pretty impressive. Also the statue of Saint Michael which obviously has a special place for me, cause it covers half my body. We lit a candle to toast our trip, our lives, & our engagement and headed out to explore the neighborhood. We felt tucked away in Paris for the first time, very quiet and classic neighborhood with tiny winding streets. We ate at Tentazioni which served some amazing Italian food, it was great and sorry to say it wasn't French. Still some more wandering around through the shops, bars, & stores that pepper throughout the neighborhood. We had dinner at Le Klebar with some amazing lamb & risott, finish it down with of course the red wine. Our final drinks in Paris were from Frogs were they served the great deal of a giant pitcher of beer and four shots...who's idea was this? This fueled us for our late night hanging out in front of the Eiffel Tower. Thank you Paris for this amazing trip with the woman I love...thank you to Amsterdam & Iceland as well but there is something about being newly engaged in the city of lights, love or whatever the else it is now.

Dasher we are coming home.