Paris: Day 8

Morning run through Paris is quite a way to kick off a day. 6 miles here gets you to see the Louvre, Notre Dam, Pont Alexandre III, Pont des Arts and many of the other river sights along the way. After some much needed showers (it was quite hot) & some coffee we made our way to Tour Montparnasse & that area of the city to explore. We had lunch at Le Palace to exchange our terrible French with the great bartenders terribly funny English. The food and drinks were absolutely incredible, we even dodged a bullet of a French sausage that tourists don't take too well to. Jardin du Luxembourg followed which showcased some beautiful sights and weather that everyone was out enjoying. Would easily say we were among half the population of Paris in this park, while the other were serving the drinks we were getting. We went to the Pantheon next but dodged the line to visit the Saint-Etienne Du Mont which is a smaller church just behind it. Such beautiful craftsmanship that has lasted decades and combines numerous architectural styles; the city is just full of surprises. Whit finally got her gelato which made her happier than any kid on Christmas has ever been, that is until she got her macaroons. We strolled through the gardens of the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle until heading back to our room. We walked across the street to Frogs for quick beers and food and ending our night at Mokus.