London: Day 3

Day three in the city of the queen, started with another drop by the Borough Market for meat pies, baguettes and goat milk ice cream. Making our way over to Brew Wharf with a menu of beers from all around the globe, Sierra Nevada being the big hit from U.S.. Our next stop brought us through a fridge door into the basement of the Breakfast Club; into the speakeasy known as "The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town"'ll have to figure out the password. Filled with drinks by the names of Chan Banger, Honey I Shrunk the Drink, Yellow Bellied Scotsman, and King Yellowman’s Answer. After rounds, and rounds, and yes rounds of drinks we finally got back to our area of town into The Minories, tapping off the day with some Guinness and special edition Guinness brews.