Ireland: Day 3

Ireland day three. Arrival in Dublin! First thing on the agenda…the one and only GUINNESS. What a tour and what a facility, the entire building is shaped in that of a Guinness pint. You guide yourself through a perfectly designed tour up to the top floor, better known as the Gravity Bar, for a free pint and a free 360 view of Dublin. After that, chase beer with liquor, we headed to Jameson for another great tour. While not as impactful of Guinness, you learn a great deal about this amazing Irish spirit and the dedication they put into it. The facility in Dublin was the original distillery, that is now used for the tours and “face” of the brand. The real distillery is in Cork…wish we had a time machine. We topped off the night at the Brazen Head, the oldest standing pub in Dublin; or so we were told. Cute Hoor and Guinness was drank until we decided to switch over to ciders and call it an evening. But not before Bailey’s cheesecake finally made its appearance on the trip.