Ireland: Day 1

Welcome to Ireland! We have arrived this morning to a beautiful day in the second leg of our trip. We checked into the Fernroyd House, hosted by two of the nicest people we may have met not only on this side of the sea but on the other as well. The bed and breakfast was across from University College Cork; the college featured the Ogham Stones, which are the oldest evidence of written Gaelic. We stopped downtown to the English Market for some quick food. To dodge the mid-afternoon rain, we headed into The Thomson for some mid day pints. Upon walking in, it finally felt good to find a Man United bar in the UK…for those not a fan…too bad! That night we headed to Oliver Plunketts for some Irish music and to the upstairs “Frisky Whiskey Bar” for one of the best bar experiences I have ever had. Jameson built the bar but the selection is not exclusive to them, filled to the brim with casks and bottles, it has reclaimed desks and tables, armchairs, and a retractable roof.