Iceland: Day 2

Did what everyone seems to do when traveling to Iceland, you sit in some interesting colored water, warmed by the earth itself. Not going to lie it was pretty cool, there really was no better feeling than this giant hot tub. Whole place is set up like a giant attraction with lunch and drinks included in the mix, so granted they have you locked in. Just be prepared to pass out on the bus ride back to Reykjavik. Next up was Kex Hostel, easily one of the coolest bars we went to, with an incredibly cool set up ready for anyone and everyone to spend their day there. We headed back to Dillons, a whiskey bar in the heart of downtown, and made friends with our bartender...a transplant from Stockholm. Really he looked like the Swedish Gronk, a bit tamer, but could definitely keep you entertained for hours. Final stop was at Lebowskibar, and yes it themed completely after the movie; art on the walls, scenes on the tv, posters, drink and food names etc.  Amsterdam we are coming from you next.