Hawaii - Day 8/9

Easy day for us, did some tacos in Hanalei at Tropical Taco...fish taco special may be the biggest fish tacos we have ever seen. As well as a farmers market closer by the hotel, Whit finally got to drink straight out of the coconut so the trip is a success of course! Tried some incredible vegetarian chilli and hibiscus tea off one of the vendors, need to find out the vendor but struggling a bit. That night we did some dinner at Hideaway pizza which both had us super bummed out. 

Next day we set off for Kilohana plantation with some good ideas in mind. Koloa rum has an fantastic tasting room on site. Dude doing the walk through was great to drink with and led us through most of their styles. Learned not only through this but just across the island they are winning gold with alot of their styles. Did some gift grabbing through the stores, not just the rum, for some folks back home. They have a full bar in the old plantation living room with some of the best Mai Tai's we have had, not to mention a killer happy hour.