Hawaii - Day 7

Today we put ourselves to task to see the Hanakapi’ai Falls, total milage around 8 miles and man is it not an easy hike. The halfway point is an amazing hidden beach with some amazing waves and cool atmosphere. From there you hike up the falls, will say its not for everyone, certainly saw alot of people turning around. Very tight and slippery rock climbs, river crossings and lots and lots of mud. The falls at the top were amazing though, totally worth it. Keep in mind its busy at the top so your time up there is shared with a good amount of people when hiking mid day. We took our shots and felt the water then headed back. Stopped at the beach for lunch and quickly hiked out before the rain came, not trails you want to be stuck in the rain for. Made it back for our bars happy hour which made the hike that much more worth it. Our hotel was having a jazz and wine fest so we brought our bottle of wine and grilled next the pool. Nothing like free music!