Hawaii - Day 11

Got some breakfast before heading down to Queensbath with our new found friends from NYC. We drove down but ran into some parking issues so just made a quick walk from a close by lot. The trail looks like it would be a nightmare in the rain, luckily for us it was a completely dry day. The roots of the trees act as your steps so I could see how some people aren't the biggest fan of hiking down. As we got to the base we were welcomed by a bunch of warning signs and the sad sight of those that were not so lucky over here. We hiked along the lava rocks until we found the bath which was nothing but spectacular. Jumping in the water, swimming around it was like nothing else as the ocean fed us new water with each wave. Did some good jumping off the rocks as alot of the wives/girlfriends and mothers looked on with horror until they had to get in on the fun. Spent a good time there just enjoying the rocks as if it was our beach until we finally had enough. The hike back was sad due to the tired legs and leaving such a perfect spot. 

Back at the hotel we hung at the bar and found yet another young honeymoon couple. So yet again the happy hour ended with us playing more games at the bar and then spending the rest of the night in the pool. This place has been too good.