Amsterdam: Day 6

Started the final day of the trip at the Maison Anne Frank, a museum started by her father Otto Frank within the house that the family hid in. By far one of the most impressive places I have seen in terms of telling the entire story and showing you the exact way this family hid and survived for two years. Not to mention how powerful this young girl's voice and mind was for not only her family but an entire group of people. From there we headed to Cafe de Jaren, drank some beer brewed by the Cafe in remembrance of David Bowie. "Golden Years" had to enjoy two. We closed out the day at Gollem hanging with Frits as we sampled the endless amounts of delicious brews that they have on tap, by far one of my favorite people that we met on the trip. So long Amsterdam and thank you.  

Don't let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere, angel
Come get up baby
Run for the shadows, run for the shadows
Run for the shadows in these golden years.