Amsterdam: Day 5

Off to the Van Gogh Museum today. Amazing to finally see the genius that is him & his style. So much more appreciation for this famous artist. Next we headed off to the Heineken Brewery tour that is located not far off the way. Not to say we are massive fans of the beer, but a beer that has been around as long as they have is something worth appreciating. The tour was up there as one of the best I have been on, if not Whit's, they put alot of work into showing you a good time. The tour kept on going and going, till the end to try some new beers & some classic ones. On the route home to stop by Gollem again, we headed into a famous coffeeshop and were on the way. "Heaven awaits those who look for it" is what came into mind as walking into Gollem, more craft beers for us as we relaxed in our corner seat. Final stop for us is Drovers Dog on the edge of our neighborhood for food and drinks. Beer after beer, drink after drink, and enjoying the food...this is a place to go!