London: Day 4

Little bit of the same today, Borough Market & Brew Wharf are just too good to do just once so we have returned for more. We finally found the Millennium Bridge after a couple days of looking, and even a failed birds eye view from the Eye. A stop by the Draft House, probably one of my favorite bars in London, great selection of different kinds of beers from brands we have not seen before. I opted for the legends that are the Brew Dogs, Whit took the Hiver, a honey beer that tasted like it was brewed by bees themselves. We ended the night seeing some Boston transplants (Jake & Tica for those that know) at an Austrian Ski Resort Bar…stay till 9:30 and your table will be swept up to make room for the dance floor. Onto Ireland tomorrow…so long London!

London: Day 3

Day three in the city of the queen, started with another drop by the Borough Market for meat pies, baguettes and goat milk ice cream. Making our way over to Brew Wharf with a menu of beers from all around the globe, Sierra Nevada being the big hit from U.S.. Our next stop brought us through a fridge door into the basement of the Breakfast Club; into the speakeasy known as "The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town"'ll have to figure out the password. Filled with drinks by the names of Chan Banger, Honey I Shrunk the Drink, Yellow Bellied Scotsman, and King Yellowman’s Answer. After rounds, and rounds, and yes rounds of drinks we finally got back to our area of town into The Minories, tapping off the day with some Guinness and special edition Guinness brews.

London: Day 2

The Royal leg of the trip that included some Abbey Road, and a roll around the Eye. Was really cool to finally see where the creation of one of my favorite Beatles albums was done, and of course walking that legendary crosswalk. Dropped in on 221 Baker Street for a dose of Sherlock and ended it with seeing a London Duck Tour

London: Day 1

First day would be an understatement, as it included a 24 stay awake marathon, 2 planes, a train, with zero automobiles. Navigating a city you feel you know so much about, yet learned that you know in fact zero as Harry Potter, Snatch, and every other English based movie is not the proper guide book. Like most people from Boston, or Denver & Boston, we have found that you compare most things to what you know back home. The Shard, our Pru...St Katharine Docks, North End...Borough Market, mix of Haymarket and something Cambridge. Trip has been great so far down to sitting next to a church we learned, from the Chaplain, was actually a gift from our neighbor John Harvard himself...I will take that for a good omen.

15 point 5

Last video of the Open Workouts, was fun to test out this process of shooting video. Thank you to those that workout at RCFBB on Friday Nights for letting me use them as subjects for all of this. Greatly appreciated. 

15.4 Video

Still on my video kick, tried another video for RCFBB during the Open workouts for those following along. Alot more confident in my editing and brought some better music in so enjoy!


Trying something new puts the creator into an unusal space of exploration, nervousness and second guessing. Video is always something I have danced along side of while learning photography, even helping shoot some B-roll for an old company. What you see below is my first journey into editing & shooting on my own. The original document was pulled due to music which to be honest I felt was better, but this one still shows my successes as well as failures. 




Currently in the North East we are experiencing the wrath of Mother Nature. Turning Boston into Castle Black we are in need of our very own John Snow. Weeks of storm have produced multiple feet of snow & ice, leaving us with nothing to do but drink and enjoy what we see. People may not like it, but hey it seems that the dogs love it. Below are some shots of Boston/Cambridge in our winter wonderland...