Hawaii - First Days

Finally making some notes and edits on our trip so far here in Kauai. After some much needed rest days post wedding insanity (fun insanity of course), a full day of travel, finally starting to come around and do some edits. Westin has been killer to us, amazing crew and a great bartender that we never seem to miss a happy hour with. After getting the rental car we got to explore a bit down South of the island. First stop was to Fish Express for some poke bowls to go to help satisfy our hunger for the ride. 

We checked out the Kauai Coffee Plantation along with the Kauai Beer Company which made some amazing beer. Funny to hear they are two years in and their first year was not too good from some of the locals. However they have fixed it up and seem to be kicking. Stopped into Kapaa on the way home with a cool downtown scene, The Local for some happy hour drinks and to Feliz Tacos for the best fish tacos I have ever had. Hard to imagine its a tiny food truck hidden back off the road. Stopped down into Hanalei for some sunset drinks and exploring. 


Through the pleasures of working for a brand like New Balance, we get to travel for some of our photoshoots surrounding product & athletes. For the current shoot we landed on Seattle to best suit our needs of trail and street in a close vicinity but also giving a different feel for some of our metro shots. 

It was great in some of the off time to get to explore the city that I have heard so much about. Got to see Carkeek Park which was a pretty impressive set of trails and running paths not far at all from downtown. Obviously did some navigating through the Public Market and the spots around it. Hope to make it back for a longer time.

Cali Love: Day 2

Up early for a run down Market St, got to end at the water which was nice to finally see. Ran by the New Balance store that is coming up on Market St in the old Puma building from what I have been told. 5 miles all said and done and back for coffee with the lady before setting out for the day. Took a walk along the pier, got to see Alcatraz and fuel up on sour dough bread from Boudin. Took a trolley back along to run into an old friend and have lunch, always good to drop in on your people in other cities. He pointed us in the direction of Anchor Steam Beer Garden next to AT&T Park. Enjoyed our final moments in the sun before heading off to the rehearsal party at Faction brewing. Amazing to see all the friends and family of the wedding, enjoy some beers and food before the "serious" day tomorrow. Faction had some killer beers like their Pale, Reds and a milk stout that comes out looking like a pils. We ended the night at Bourbon & Branch, a legit speakeasy that is still in operation today. The code being that you want to go to the library and the password is books. 

Cali Love: Day 1

First time in San Fran, got to our spot off Market St. Gotta say not exactly what I expected from San Francisco but almost exactly what everyone said. Dropped into Dirty Water for quick beers and food after the flight before heading up to Mikkeller Bar. Jet lag dragged us down for sure. 

Paris: Day 9

Happy Victory in Europe Day
What better way to celebrate our final day in Paris than visiting the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. A site I am glad to say that we saw, granted there are a ton of them but this one was something special. Not only the view but to tour the inside of a still working church that has been around as long as it has is pretty impressive. Also the statue of Saint Michael which obviously has a special place for me, cause it covers half my body. We lit a candle to toast our trip, our lives, & our engagement and headed out to explore the neighborhood. We felt tucked away in Paris for the first time, very quiet and classic neighborhood with tiny winding streets. We ate at Tentazioni which served some amazing Italian food, it was great and sorry to say it wasn't French. Still some more wandering around through the shops, bars, & stores that pepper throughout the neighborhood. We had dinner at Le Klebar with some amazing lamb & risott, finish it down with of course the red wine. Our final drinks in Paris were from Frogs were they served the great deal of a giant pitcher of beer and four shots...who's idea was this? This fueled us for our late night hanging out in front of the Eiffel Tower. Thank you Paris for this amazing trip with the woman I love...thank you to Amsterdam & Iceland as well but there is something about being newly engaged in the city of lights, love or whatever the else it is now.

Dasher we are coming home.   

Paris: Day 8

Morning run through Paris is quite a way to kick off a day. 6 miles here gets you to see the Louvre, Notre Dam, Pont Alexandre III, Pont des Arts and many of the other river sights along the way. After some much needed showers (it was quite hot) & some coffee we made our way to Tour Montparnasse & that area of the city to explore. We had lunch at Le Palace to exchange our terrible French with the great bartenders terribly funny English. The food and drinks were absolutely incredible, we even dodged a bullet of a French sausage that tourists don't take too well to. Jardin du Luxembourg followed which showcased some beautiful sights and weather that everyone was out enjoying. Would easily say we were among half the population of Paris in this park, while the other were serving the drinks we were getting. We went to the Pantheon next but dodged the line to visit the Saint-Etienne Du Mont which is a smaller church just behind it. Such beautiful craftsmanship that has lasted decades and combines numerous architectural styles; the city is just full of surprises. Whit finally got her gelato which made her happier than any kid on Christmas has ever been, that is until she got her macaroons. We strolled through the gardens of the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle until heading back to our room. We walked across the street to Frogs for quick beers and food and ending our night at Mokus. 

Paris: Day 7

Train at 11 from Amsterdam to Paris, only 3 hours and we enter the final leg of the trip. Our hotel, Le Clef Tour Eiffel, is located steps from the Eiffel Tower which is a blessing to end in the city of love. There is a perfect spot called Mokus near the hotel that is simple, pizza, beer, wine...what could be better. Fueled up we headed to the Eiffel Tower; your entire life you see this icon but until you glance upon it in person all those photos do no justice. We wandered around the city & parks until sundown walking back to our hotel we found Pub Klebar, for some late night drinks and my giant mugs of beer (known as 100 cL..keep that in mind) All across the board it was a solid first day in Paris. 

Amsterdam: Day 6

Started the final day of the trip at the Maison Anne Frank, a museum started by her father Otto Frank within the house that the family hid in. By far one of the most impressive places I have seen in terms of telling the entire story and showing you the exact way this family hid and survived for two years. Not to mention how powerful this young girl's voice and mind was for not only her family but an entire group of people. From there we headed to Cafe de Jaren, drank some beer brewed by the Cafe in remembrance of David Bowie. "Golden Years" had to enjoy two. We closed out the day at Gollem hanging with Frits as we sampled the endless amounts of delicious brews that they have on tap, by far one of my favorite people that we met on the trip. So long Amsterdam and thank you.  

Don't let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere, angel
Come get up baby
Run for the shadows, run for the shadows
Run for the shadows in these golden years.

Amsterdam: Day 5

Off to the Van Gogh Museum today. Amazing to finally see the genius that is him & his style. So much more appreciation for this famous artist. Next we headed off to the Heineken Brewery tour that is located not far off the way. Not to say we are massive fans of the beer, but a beer that has been around as long as they have is something worth appreciating. The tour was up there as one of the best I have been on, if not Whit's, they put alot of work into showing you a good time. The tour kept on going and going, till the end to try some new beers & some classic ones. On the route home to stop by Gollem again, we headed into a famous coffeeshop and were on the way. "Heaven awaits those who look for it" is what came into mind as walking into Gollem, more craft beers for us as we relaxed in our corner seat. Final stop for us is Drovers Dog on the edge of our neighborhood for food and drinks. Beer after beer, drink after drink, and enjoying the food...this is a place to go! 

Amsterdam: Day 4

Started off the day with a run, easy way to tour such a beautiful city. Simple and quick 30-40 minute run through the heart of downtown and back to our end of town. Stopped by Luden for a lunch while touring through the deeper end of the city center. Stopped off at Sonneveld for some beers, as always its a tough list to beat. 

Amsterdam: Day 3

Arrival in Amsterdam. Early flight from Iceland and some transfers get us into the famous city. The studio that we are staying in is perfectly suited for any young couple looking to have a good time in the city. Essentially we are in the Back Bay of Amsterdam, haha without the bad! Walked the canals, all the houses offer a reason to want to look into the cost of living here. We finally stumbled upon the famed 'Gollem' craft beer bar. Man did it live up to the hype, and it feels good to have a local watering hole for those looking for something different. (hobo's welcome). Hung there and dropped into a coffeeshop afterwards before heading back to our neck of the woods. Our last stop was at Hesp, very old school pub with its famed security guard....a kitty cat. 

Iceland: Day 2

Did what everyone seems to do when traveling to Iceland, you sit in some interesting colored water, warmed by the earth itself. Not going to lie it was pretty cool, there really was no better feeling than this giant hot tub. Whole place is set up like a giant attraction with lunch and drinks included in the mix, so granted they have you locked in. Just be prepared to pass out on the bus ride back to Reykjavik. Next up was Kex Hostel, easily one of the coolest bars we went to, with an incredibly cool set up ready for anyone and everyone to spend their day there. We headed back to Dillons, a whiskey bar in the heart of downtown, and made friends with our bartender...a transplant from Stockholm. Really he looked like the Swedish Gronk, a bit tamer, but could definitely keep you entertained for hours. Final stop was at Lebowskibar, and yes it themed completely after the movie; art on the walls, scenes on the tv, posters, drink and food names etc.  Amsterdam we are coming from you next.

Iceland: Day 1

Engaged in Iceland, lets be honest thats all that most of our friends and family heard from the first day of the trip. However some other things did go down on the first day that were pretty cool to see. Iceland is by far an interesting spot to check out and is with and without its tourist spots. We spent most of the day touring the city and dropping into various bars & shops getting a feel for the neighborhood. We found 'Snaps' a hotel bar located blocks from our apartment. To celebrate the engagement we had pizza and Viking beer, only after to find Barber Chocolate shop, I will try to get this right, its a hotel Barber that is also a bar & a chocolate shop. Why would you need to go anywhere else? 

Messing Around

Designing what a concept for a New Balance screenprint could look like. The company itself is built upon that of the chicken's foot, William Riley looked to the chicken's foot as the perfect example of balance. 


Ireland: Day 4

Winding down…a quick day of pubs that included Foley’s and Parnel’s. Two old Irish pubs with their great selections of beers; a good beer that we discovered was 5 Lamps Lager. Also who can turn down fish & chips for the forth, or fifth time? We also dropped into the Body Worlds exhibit that was being showcased at the Ambassador Theatre in Downtown Dublin. We discovered O’Donoghues, nothing better than a bar that sells no food, smells like the 1820’s and features on simple thing…alcohol. The best part of the day was a whiskey bar we discovered that I could not find the name to. The bar featured a wall built of casks and a full selection of whiskeys from around the globe. Sadly reality sets in tomorrow and we fly home.

Ireland: Day 3

Ireland day three. Arrival in Dublin! First thing on the agenda…the one and only GUINNESS. What a tour and what a facility, the entire building is shaped in that of a Guinness pint. You guide yourself through a perfectly designed tour up to the top floor, better known as the Gravity Bar, for a free pint and a free 360 view of Dublin. After that, chase beer with liquor, we headed to Jameson for another great tour. While not as impactful of Guinness, you learn a great deal about this amazing Irish spirit and the dedication they put into it. The facility in Dublin was the original distillery, that is now used for the tours and “face” of the brand. The real distillery is in Cork…wish we had a time machine. We topped off the night at the Brazen Head, the oldest standing pub in Dublin; or so we were told. Cute Hoor and Guinness was drank until we decided to switch over to ciders and call it an evening. But not before Bailey’s cheesecake finally made its appearance on the trip.

Ireland: Day 2

Day two of Ireland was a lot of bouncing around. First we traveled into Blarney for a visit to the Blarney Castle and smooching up some stones. The grounds were gorgeous, filled with the original structures, famous gardens, and even some gated off weed in the “Poison Garden”…yup! Next we headed down to Kinsale on the water, loved the small town feel of it and the people there were great. Jim Edwards is a great stop there for food and beers, and Dino’s as well for their fish & chips. That night we headed to Gallagher’s in Cork for a close on the night with music and beers. 

Ireland: Day 1

Welcome to Ireland! We have arrived this morning to a beautiful day in the second leg of our trip. We checked into the Fernroyd House, hosted by two of the nicest people we may have met not only on this side of the sea but on the other as well. The bed and breakfast was across from University College Cork; the college featured the Ogham Stones, which are the oldest evidence of written Gaelic. We stopped downtown to the English Market for some quick food. To dodge the mid-afternoon rain, we headed into The Thomson for some mid day pints. Upon walking in, it finally felt good to find a Man United bar in the UK…for those not a fan…too bad! That night we headed to Oliver Plunketts for some Irish music and to the upstairs “Frisky Whiskey Bar” for one of the best bar experiences I have ever had. Jameson built the bar but the selection is not exclusive to them, filled to the brim with casks and bottles, it has reclaimed desks and tables, armchairs, and a retractable roof.